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Nutrition Calculator

Foods sold, served or distributed outside of the school cafeteria must meet the nutrient requirements for West Virginia schools. This includes foods sold in vending machines and school stores, served during classroom parties, and provided by parents for snacks. The West Virginia Board of Education enacted rules for these "other foods" for three reasons:
  • Snacks can help your child's meet their nutrition needs instead of adding unnecessary (and unhealthy) fat, sugar and salt;
  • Food safety concerns; and
  • Allergies and/or special diets required by some children.

To learn if a food item meets the guidelines, simply type the number of calories, grams, or milligrams directly from the food label into the label calculator by CLICKING HERE. You must have the Nutrition Facts panel from the food item to do this. Note: Some foods are allowable even though they may exceed the nutrient guidelines. These are nuts and seeds, yogurt and 100% fruit juices.

Remember, each food item must:

  • Have a Nutrition Facts panel and ingredient list
  • Be less than 200 calories per serving
  • Be commercially packaged


Below are some links to compare nutritional information of some fast food restaurants

Taco Bell




 News and Articles


The Child Nutrition office is offering some very valuable articles from local newspapers and the  internet. From time to time we will post with permission articles that are important the parents and the community. To view the articles below click on the link and you will be redirected to the site where the article is. We feel that this articles will be very important to you and your family.


Article One


Now even school treats are expected to be healthful

Used with Permission from the TimesWV




About Us



The Child Nutrition office is responsible for all food service operations in Marion County Schools.  We plan, purchase, and document all aspects of the Child Nutrition Program under the guidelines from the United States Department of Agriculture and the West Virginia Department of Education. We plan menus that meet nutritional needs and that are appealing to your children.  We understand that we cannot please every child every day, but hope that each child may find healthy choices of the foods provided.






Our Mission Statement



The mission of the Child Nutrition Program is to enhance learning and quality of life through nutrition services and education. The primary responsibility shall be to the student and the student's nutritional needs as well as to ensure a school  that promotes a healthy environment for all students.